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The Toad Fly Arkansas Fishing

Chasing Waters – The Toad Fly

Chasing Waters We’re all searching for that escape from the day to day struggle to get by. For us that escape has been through the art of fly fishing. Whether it is casting a popper to an unsuspecting brim on a pond or stripping streamers to post spawn browns, the ensuing battle of tug of […]

poptart1 Arkansas Turkey Hunting

Nice turkey down in MS!

A friend of mine from work, Kevin, took a trip this past weekend to hunt some public ground in Mississippi for turkey. He scouted the area the weekend before and found a spot that turned out to be pretty productive!

Kevin bagged his turkey at 7:40 AM…

Opening weekend of gun season! Arkansas Deer Hunting

Opening weekend of gun season!

Going back as far as I can remember, opening day of modern gun season in Arkansas has been more of a holiday than anything else. When I was a kid, I can remember Dad pulling up to pick me up from school early with the truck already loaded down for the …

conway-fly-fishing-film-festival1 Arkansas Fishing

Conway Fly Fishing Film Festival

The Conway Fly Fishing Film Festival is this weekend.  We have been blessed to see a forecast of 82 degrees and sunny weather for the day.  Come out and enjoy the casting, tying, music and other events.  We are also having a great raffle for several different guide trips.  Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Adventures, Arkansas … Continue reading »

The hunter Arkansas Duck Hunting

The Best way to cook Duck using Field Proven Camp Shake Seasoning – YouTube

It is getting close to that time of the year again, Arkansas Duck Season. We try to find new and interesting ways to cook duck at my house and this recipe just goes to show you simple is more often than not the best way. A simple fried breast on a bun just can’t be […]

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Killer Kallz – Best Duck Call in a Long Time

Everyone has their favorite duck call and the call they think is the best sounding call out there. My favorite call WAS an RNT original, that is, until I met Jay with Killer Kallz last Saturday in Stuttgart. Killer Kallz is a n...
by Matt Livingston


AGFC sets 2009-10 Arkansas Hunting Season Dates

The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission set the hunting season dates for this years fall seasons.  A few notable items: antler restrictions in zones 16, 16A and 17 moved from 3-point rule to a 4-point rule zone 6 was split into ...
by Matt Livingston



Excel Boat Company Reopening

The tornadoes that ripped through much of Arkansas last year affected many people and businesses around the state. Team Excel in Clinton, Ark. — manufacturer of the famous Excel hunting and fishing boats — was one o...
by Matt Livingston


2010 Arkansas Rut Report Map

Are the whitetails in your are rutting? Have you witnessed behavior indicative of the rut such as fresh scrapes, chasing activity or fighting? Or maybe, you haven’t seen anything at all, and you’re just wondering w...
by Kevin



Arkansas Alligator Hunting

This big guy was just sent over to me and I thought all of you would like to take a look at one of the finest Arkansas alligator specimens you’ll ever lay eyes on. At 13 feet, 1 ¼ inches and 680 lbs., this behemoth was c...
by Matt Livingston



Arkansas Duck Season 2010-2011 Outlook

With the temperatures up north still getting into the 50s and 60s during the day, the overall warmth of in-state temperatures right now,and the total lack of water around the state, the Arkansas duck season outlook isn’t ...
by Matt Livingston


Antler Shed Hunting Tips

It’s tough for me to get out into the woods and deer hunt this time of year. It’s been a long, hard 5 months or so of hunting: scouting since the summer, bow hunting since October, muzzleloading and rifle hunting in...
by Kevin