published December 2, 2009 by Matt Livingston

Killer Kallz – Best Duck Call in a Long Time

Everyone has their favorite duck call and the call they think is the best sounding call out there. My favorite call WAS an RNT original, that is, until I met Jay with Killer Kallz last Saturday in Stuttgart. Killer Kallz is a new duck call company out of Batesville, AR. They do not have a big selection of calls at the moment, but you can get your double reed marsh call in just about any color you want. I took the black and red, I am not into neon green and pink duck calls. Killer Kallz, Arkansas Duck Call Company

Each duck call Killer Kallz offers is acrylic and turned on CNC machine, just like the big duck call companies, but what I like about my call, over the other guys, my reeds just do not stick, period. Now the duck call I have is just that, a duck call, not a competition call. This call will seduce ’em with a soft quack and a range of aggressive or easy comeback calls. The double reeds make for an effortless feed call that can get as loud or as soft as you want it. This picture does not do the duck call justice, this call is awesome to look at and at this point, you can judge this book by the cover.

I feel pretty certain once we get some mallards down, this call will bring them right on in with the landing gear down, whether I am in my secret timber hole or sitting in one of the pits. Head on over to the Arkansas Duck Hunting Forum for the continuing review and more pictures. Their website is still under construction but you can find them here, Killer Kallz.

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  1. Matt

    Where can you find these calls to try out, Macks?

  2. White River Outdoors in Augusta
    Ultimate Outdoors in Searcy
    Woods & Water in Tuscaloosa Alabama
    Fort Thompson in Little Rock
    Hayes in Judsonia
    Sportsmen Grill in Lynn Arkansas

  3. thanks for the interest

    we will be adding more stores ASAP, we got a late start with this LOL

    we will have a new barrel design out soon as well and even more colors then anyone else.

  4. duckhuntingsig443

    Are they available in cocoa bola? Or only acrilyc?

  5. I see you have a camo version available now. Is there anywhere we can hear a sound bite of your call?
    Thx -Nash

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