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The Toad Fly Arkansas Fishing

Chasing Waters – The Toad Fly

Chasing Waters We’re all searching for that escape from the day to day struggle to get by. For us that escape has been through the art of fly fishing. Whether it is casting a popper to an unsuspecting brim on a pond or stripping streamers to post spawn browns, the ensuing battle of tug of […]

poptart1 Arkansas Turkey Hunting

Nice turkey down in MS!

A friend of mine from work, Kevin, took a trip this past weekend to hunt some public ground in Mississippi for turkey. He scouted the area the weekend before and found a spot that turned out to be pretty productive!

Kevin bagged his turkey at 7:40 AM…

Opening weekend of gun season! Arkansas Deer Hunting

Opening weekend of gun season!

Going back as far as I can remember, opening day of modern gun season in Arkansas has been more of a holiday than anything else. When I was a kid, I can remember Dad pulling up to pick me up from school early with the truck already loaded down for the …

conway-fly-fishing-film-festival1 Arkansas Fishing

Conway Fly Fishing Film Festival

The Conway Fly Fishing Film Festival is this weekend.  We have been blessed to see a forecast of 82 degrees and sunny weather for the day.  Come out and enjoy the casting, tying, music and other events.  We are also having a great raffle for several different guide trips.  Jamie Rouse Fly Fishing Adventures, Arkansas … Continue reading »

The hunter Arkansas Duck Hunting

The Best way to cook Duck using Field Proven Camp Shake Seasoning – YouTube

It is getting close to that time of the year again, Arkansas Duck Season. We try to find new and interesting ways to cook duck at my house and this recipe just goes to show you simple is more often than not the best way. A simple fried breast on a bun just can’t be […]

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Fishing the Sulphur Hatch by John Berry

It was a rainy day and my wife, Lori’s, parents were visiting. We had been scheduled to take them to Branson for the day but had rescheduled for the next day, due to the weather. I checked river conditions and noted that the ...
by Kevin


Deer Hunting: Rifle Shooting Tips

We know exactly what it sounds like. Hooves meeting leaves. Twigs snapping. Branches breaking. Maybe even a grunt. As a hunter, the sounds of a deer heading right for you is, well, music to the ears. It gets the body’s ad...
by Kevin



Columbia Omni Heat Wader Widgeon Jacket Review

When the temps drop during the winter hunting months in Arkansas, a cup of hot coffee, a warm stove and a comfortable recliner all sound pretty tempting. But, as we all know, big bucks and flying ducks aren’t taken while sitt...
by Kevin


10/29 Arkansas Fishing Report

The crappie are hitting hard on Lake Conway in Central Arkansas. Fly fisherman are tearing up the trout on the White and the Norfork Tailwaters, specifically Dry Run Creek and the North Fork River. And DeGray Lake catfishing re...
by Kevin



Last-minute Arkansas Bowhunting Checklist

With Arkansas bow season starting up in the morning, it’s important to make several last-minute preparations before climbing into the stand. From checking your bow’s cams to making sure your sites are low-light read...
by Matt Livingston


Download APP 2

Corps of Engineers Little Rock Launches Water Level App

LITTLE ROCK, Ark. – The Army Corps of Engineers, Little Rock District recently launched a mobile App for fisherman, navigators, paddlers and park visitors. The App delivers current water conditions for Corps’ reserv...
by Matt Livingston


The Best Duck Call, Killer Kallz’s The Southern Breeze Series

Last year our good friends at Killer Kallz sent us a few calls for promotion. At the time, I thought the duck calls I received were the best duck calls I had ever had the chance to hunt with. Well, I was wrong. I spoke with Jay...
by Matt Livingston