published October 5, 2012 by Matt Livingston

The Best way to cook Duck using Field Proven Camp Shake Seasoning – YouTube

It is getting close to that time of the year again, Arkansas Duck Season. We try to find new and interesting ways to cook duck at my house and this recipe just goes to show you simple is more often than not the best way. A simple fried breast on a bun just can’t be beat, watch the video below for one of the easiest recipes you will find for cooking duck.

Many people think that duck is not very good to eat…that could not be further from the truth. In this video you will see a quick and easy recipe with Field Proven Camp Shake Seasoning that you can use in Duck Camp, in the blind, at your house or on the tailgate of your truck. There are many great ways to cook duck and this is one of our favorites. Our special blend of seasoning adds all the flavor you need so that preparation process and cooking process is quicker and easier. No Marinading needed. This clip is brought to you by Field Proven Calls and Field Proven Camp Shake. Check out to see a full list of our seasonings and authorized dealers.

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